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National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome

Archived Bulletins

August 2012 Bulletin

Request to publicise resource on Bi-Polar Disorder
31 August 2012
NAPS has been asked by Healthline to publicise their information on Bi-Polar Disorder. Healthline provides a very comprehensive overview of the condition as a critical starting point for individuals and /or their loved ones. We are aware that there is, on occasions, confusion as to the diagnosis of PMS or Bi-Polar Disorder and we do know that Bi-Polar Disorder, as with other conditions, can be exacerbated by PMS. This information, therefore, may be of use to a number visitors to our website.
The information can be accessed on

NAPS in the Media
31 August 2012
More awareness of PMS
 In July ‘The Mail’ published a major article ‘Men were right all along. Our hormones do make us women irrational.’ There were a number of case studies followed by a review of PMS with NAPS Chairman, Nick Panay, providing information both on PMS and its treatment. Readers were given access to the NAPS website. The issues raised by the article were taken up immediately on ‘Loose Women’. It was unfortunate that no-one on the panel that day had any understanding of how devastating PMS can be and there were the usual comments about how certain women use PMS as an excuse. The discussion then developed into mutual sharing of how bad period pain can be- not of course the major concern for most PMS sufferers. However, it is to be welcomed that PMS was at least discussed at length on this popular women’s programme and that there was publicity of the NAPS details on the Loose Women website.
On 28th August a letter appeared in the ‘Dear Deidre’ column of ‘The Sun’ regarding the response of a husband to the changing moods of his wife, which he perceived to be caused by her PMS. NAPS opinion was sought on the proposed reply to this letter. It was in fact dealt with in a very sensitive and informed manner. The Association was recommended as a point of reference for both husband and wife.
The ‘Lorraine’ programme is planning a feature on PMS and one of its producers is currently in discussion with NAPS and is likely to make an appeal for sufferers to come forward as case studies. Please look out for this on the Home Page. If you feel you are able to contribute to improving awareness of PMS in this way you will help the wellbeing of many women and their families.