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National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome

Archived Bulletins

July 2012 Bulletin

Women’s Health Alliance

31 July 2012
New website launched

NAPS was a founder member of Women's Health Alliance (WHA) and under the direction of Nick Panay, NAPS Chairman and Dr Carrie Sadler NAPS Hon Secretary significant progress has been made over time to encourage the coming together of organisations with an interest of improving women's health. In July a new website was launched to communicate the objectives of the WHA by signposting the work of member organisations and providing opportunities for a sharper focus on Women's Health.

The WHA as stated on the website is ‘An independent Association of medical societies, patient care organisations and specialist charities that aim to improve awareness and understanding of issues concerning women's health and so facilitate a better quality of life of women everywhere.'

NAPS is proud to be a founder member of the WHA along with Menopause Matters, Women's Health Concern and the British Menopause Society. We are confident that the new website which can be found at will be both a major means of support to women seeking help for their specific conditions and an arena for promoting greater awareness of women's health issues.

Damning views on HRT revised by leading experts

31 July 2012

A wasted decade for menopause sufferers

In 2002 a study of the impact of HRT not only caused ‘mass fear' amongst women but resulted in GPs either prescribing it to menopausal women for a short period of time or not at all. However new analysis of the evidence by leading experts has overturned many of the conclusions of the study and this is published in ‘Climacteric', the journal of the International Menopause Society. This clearly has implications for the treatment of women during the menopause.

A substantial article was published in ‘The Mail' on these findings and NAPS recommends this as essential reading for those who need to be accurately informed when seeking appropriate treatment for menopausal problems.

The article can be accessed on A wasted decade: How one HRT scare has ‘caused thousands of women 10 years of needless suffering'

I Mail Online