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National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome

Payroll Giving


Payroll giving is a way for a company's employees to make regular payments to a charity directly from their own pay.

Your company may already have a Payroll Giving scheme in place.  Find out from your accounts department if this in the case.  If you want to donate to NAPS through the company scheme, you fill in a form which is then returned directly by you to the Payroll Giving Agency, so your choice of charity is completelt confidential.

All donations attract tax relief straightaway, meaning that your donation costs you less.  For example, if you pay tax at the basic rate of 20 per cent, it would cost you £8 to make a £10 donation.  If you pay tax at the higher rate at 40 per cent, it would cost £6 to make the same donation.

If you need further information contact HM Revenue and Customs