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National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome

Health Professionals

NAPS aims to work closely with Health Care Professionals in order to improve the quality of care of PMS Sufferers. We recognise that PMS is a complex condition to treat but we believe that by promoting greater awareness of its nature and how it can be managed medically, practitioners will be approached by their PMS patients with the confidence that they can helped to be well Health Care Professionals can be assured that their PMS patients can access information, advice and ongoing support through the NAPS website, free Forum, bulletin and membership of the Association. 

Authoritative information on PMS and its treatment are available to Health Care Professionals in the form of The NAPS Guidelines, available from NAPS , using the SUPPORT  Tab.

There is significant representation of clinical expertise on the Board of NAPS and amongst our advisers, making sure that the charity  adequately serves the interests of PMS Sufferers while demonstrating awareness of the professional needs of  those responsible for their care. Currently Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Reproductive Health, Psychiatry, Psychology, General Practice, Specialist Nursing and Nutrition are the areas in which NAPS clinical personnel practise.

NAPS  is always keen to promote research into PMS and a number of important projects have been supported. The Association has also undertaken a number of surveys, the most recent iconcerning the impact of PMS on existing medical conditions.
At least twice yearly NAPS organises Study Days on Women’s Health for Health Care Professionals. In 2014 these took place in Leeds and Maidstone.

Additionally, our medical trustees/advisers address local meetings of GPs and we are happy to arrange such meetings on request.

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Professional membership of NAPS offers Standard membership benefits PLUS the folowing
Free attendance at NAPS Conferences for Health Professionals (currently 2/year)
Collection of articles
Presentations from Conferences 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
A supply of 20 copies of NAPS Guidelines for patient use.  

one of the most important resources to help all these women is this superb charity that gives generously from experts in  its field as well as emotional and practical support for fellow PMS sufferers

Specialist Nurse – PMS and Menopause Clinic

‘as a clinician I have found the members of the NAPS team absolutely wonderful – nothing is too much trouble. I wish that every sufferer had the same attitude from her doctor and it is always my intention to follow NAPS example’

Doctor working in Sexual Health