NAPS is a charity set up in 1984. It exists to provide information advice and support to PMS sufferers and their families with the express purpose of the condition being successfully managed. NAPS also works to promote a better understanding of both PMS and its treatment by the medical profession and supports/encourages research where appropriate.

‘One of the most important resources to help all these women is this superb charity that gives generously from experts in the field as well as emotional and practical support for PMS sufferers’

Specialist Nurse PMS and Menopause Clinic

Working with and for PMS sufferers

Extensive general advice on the NAPS website with specialist information, advice and support for members including the Ask the Experts service, dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages, a team of trustees heavily committed to the work of NAPS.

Promoting its aims through both the media and at professional meetings, and being the lifeline for PMS sufferers not only in the UK but across the world are the many ways in which NAPS works with the medical profession and for PMS sufferers.

Working with the medical profession

NAPS is acutely aware that better understanding of PMS and its treatment by medical professionals is vital to the proper management of the condition and therefore, to the wellbeing of those whose lives are blighted by it. To this end we aim to organise two Study Days on Women’s Health each year for Healthcare professionals, provide speakers for professional meetings, be responsive to any queries, offer professional membership of NAPS and produce appropriate literature. In 2010 the NAPS Guidelines on PMS and its Treatment were published and distributed to all medical practices and walk-in centres in the UK. A revision of these is to be undertaken in 2020.