Available free under Support but listed in membership package as important to diagnosis of PMS

A completed menstrual chart is the first step towards understanding your own menstrual health. Download the menstrual diary.

Our chart helps you to record accurately your menstrual cycle, to note related symptoms as they occur, to define when you are symptom-free, to plot your days of menstruation and to note the duration of your cycle.

Dr. Carrie Sadler says:

“As well as a tool for diagnosing PMS, the NAPS chart is also useful for:

  • Helping monitor other symptoms related (or not) to the menstrual cycle e.g. pelvic pain.
  • Aiding women who are trying to conceive.
  • Monitoring frequency and severity of menopausal symptoms; useful in decisions about HRT.

In a study on PMS and lifestyle (in which I was the principal investigator) Ref: Sadler et al American Journal of Women’ Health , 2010, Vol 19, No 3, 1-7- women completed a menstrual calendar. Participants often found this helped them understand their bodies and cyclical changes.”

Completed over two cycles, the chart will provide you with a close understanding of your cycle and associated symptoms. It will be also invaluable if you seek guidance from your own doctor. Your menstrual chart is a strong evidence basis from which to begin diagnosis and treatment.