photo of Nick Panay

Nick Panay

Appointed trustee in 1998. Chairman from 2000.

Consultant Gynaecologist.

Special interest in Reproductive medicine and Surgery, PMS, Menopause, and Gynaecological Endocrinology.

In order to maintain work-life balance and some fitness, he swims outdoors a couple of times a week and competes in occasional Park Runs. In September is running 10K in Kew Gardens and hopes to raise sponsorship funds for NAPS. A keen skier and tennis player whenever he gets the opportunity (which is not very often). He likes to attend the theatre and cinema, particularly as his son is a budding actor who keeps the family up to date on what is good to see. He is an Arsenal season ticket holder and as such regularly experience the lows, as well as the highs of the beautiful game!

photo of Jackie Howe

Jackie Howe

Founder member of NAPS.

Treasurer since 1984 and CEO since 2007.

Enduring commitment to ensure PMS sufferers are able to realise their aims/potential in spite of their medical condition.

She has led a history and politics department in a girls’ school, she has been on the national executive of a teachers’ union and she is currently a part-time school librarian and a parish councillor.

Lives and works in Kent.


Historical research, genealogy, music (eclectic), quizzing, reading, walking, my dog (Lakeland called Charley).

photo of Claudine Domoney

Claudine Domoney

A trustee since 2000. Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. Areas of special interest are PMS, Menopause, female sexuality, psychological aspects of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, urogynaecology and pelvic floor problems.
She is member of the NAPS Expert panel/regular speaker for NAPS.

Lives and works in London.


Therapeutic crafting.

photo of Michael Craig

Michael Craig

Trustee since 2012. Consultant Psychiatrist and Gynaecologist.
Clinical Lead in the Women’s Hormone Clinic at the Maudsley Hospital.

photo of Julia Hammond

Julia Hammond

Trustee since 2003. Minuting secretary.
She works as Senior Research Sister conducting research in areas of public health including women’s health. Particular and personal interest in PMS.

She lives in Wiltshire, works in Southampton.

Interests: Family, horse riding, arts/theatre, dog walking, countryside.

photo of Annie Hawkins

Annie Hawkins

Trustee since 2003. Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. Special interest in female reproductive endocrinology including PMS and Menopause. She treats women with sexual problems in a holistic approach.
She is a regular speaker for NAPS.
She is member of the NAPS Expert panel.

Lives in Hampshire,  works in Wiltshire.


Family, swimming, cycling and yoga.


photo of Dani Singer

Dani Singer

Trustee since 2012. Specialist psychotherapist and counsellor. She has worked in the field of women’s health for over 20 years. Longstanding Patron and current trustee of The Daisy Network.

Lives and works in London.


The arts, theatre, photography, nature.

photo of Helena Fothergill

Helena Fothergill

Trustee since 2018. She has worked on a variety of projects for NAPS, including managing the Twitter page; summarising the current research around premenstrual syndromes; and leading NAPS’s submission for the Department of Health’s Call for Evidence into women’s health June 2021

She works in the charity sector in database management.


Playing football, travelling, spending time with friends and family.



photo of Emily Elson

Emily Elson

Trustee since late 2020

Emily brings to us her knowledge of PMS from an “Expert by Experience” background. Suffering with symptoms, but undiagnosed for a number of years she understands the struggle many individuals go through on their journey to get a diagnosis to finding treatment that works for them and is passionate about increasing awareness amongst healthcare professionals and the public.

Emily is also a trustee for First Steps ED an award-winning mental health and specialist Eating Disorder charity where she first sought support for her own problems and has since been a long-standing volunteer.

Lives and works in the East Midlands

Interests – Running (very slowly since surgery!) being outdoors, spending quality time with family and friends.

photo of Erin Francis

Erin Francis

Trustee since 2021

Erin first got involved with NAPS as a volunteer and set to work on raising the profile of the organisation through social media channels. She lives and works in London, and is experienced in the charity and non-profit sector, with a passion for mental health, menstrual health and women’s health.

Interests – Writing, walking and spending time by the sea

photo of  Emma Leisinger

Emma Leisinger

Trustee from 2022

Registered nurse.  Worked at an independent girls school for 7.5 years.

Discovered NAPS when contacted for advice for har daughter’s symptoms of PMDD.

Lives in East Sussex.

Interests – Enjoys running and spending time with family and friends.