How to use this service

When you join NAPS you will be able to use our specialist service to contact an expert for individual advice. This will provide you with options for treating and finding you own personal route to deal with menstrual health issues. The advice given will be confidential and tailored to your own needs. However, please do bear in mind that the responses given are based on the information you provide and should not be thought of as a one-to-one consultation. If you feel the need for more in-depth guidance we would suggest that you ask for a referral from your GP to one of the specialists or PMS clinics. It is helpful to our experts if you give your age and whether you are on the pill (state name). When using this service please email and enter “Ask the Expert” in the subject box.

We aim to provide a reply within two weeks but for a variety of reasons, including the professional commitments of our experts, this is not always possible. If you are concerned that there appears to be a prolonged delay please contact NAPS by email/phone.

For full details of the panel of experts who will be giving you advice please go to Expert panel.